St. Paul City Contact Information

City Council Contact Information

We are providing what we have been given as the current telephone numbers and email addresses available for each of the seven city council members.  If you choose to communicate by telephone, you are advised to follow up your conversation with an email.  It is often helpful to have a record of your communication, as the ability to clearly recall what was said in a telephone conversation often fades as time passes. Email allows you to create a record showing not only what was said, but also to confirm the date of the communication.

We have also been advised that many of the council members do not return phone calls.  You may find that sending an email is the only option to communicate your message.

As you will see, each council member has two email addresses.  One is addressed to the council member by name; the second email address is a generic email address for the ward.  We recommend that whenever you send an email to any council member, send it to both email addresses.

Ward 1: Dai Thao

Dai Thao

Phone: 651-266-8610

Email: and

Ward2: Rebecca Noecker