Soucheray’s Alley Plowing Survey Response

Joe Soucheray’s column in the Sunday, April 28, 2019, Pioneer Press is a real gem.  In fact, this one is such a keeper, we make it available as a printer friendly download.

If you live in St. Paul and have not taken the city’s alley plowing survey, you can find it online here.  The survey remains open through May 3, 2019.

Since our city reportedly spent $30,000 to conduct this survey, you probably should let them know how you view the prospect of having them take over the task of plowing St. Paul’s alleys.

Of course the radio dial options offered in their online survey could never capture the poetic sentiments Joe Soucheray expresses.  Indeed, as Soucheray points out:

“the bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.”

Even more to the point, Joe spells out:

“In the pursuit of their greed, the city continues to dream up ways to fix things that aren’t broken.  See trash hauling.”

Finally, Soucheray’s parting words to the city:

“quit trying to take jobs away from small businesses.”

Joe: thanks for sharing.

Joe Soucheray’s alley plowing article is also available online.

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