Petitioner Peter Butler Responds to City

Peter Butler, one of the Petitioners who sued the city in the St. Paul trash lawsuit, responds to the Mayor’s recent statements that the city will continue to pay its haulers, despite the court’s ruling that the city trash plan should be suspended. See, the FOX9 news broadcast.

Peter Butler Responds to City of St. Paul




“It’s time for them to say: We made a mistake.”


  1. JOHN TRENTER on June 20, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    That’s right but the City is arrogant and won’t do that, so we keep on keeping on!! Ridiculous how much the city will spend to drive more folks into an adversarial relationship with City hall, very sad!! This is a major issue on local politics and democracy and voter right!!! Let us stay the course even with inevitable ups and downs!!

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