June 12, 2019, Jennissen Supreme Court Oral Argument

Greg Joseph

On June 12, 2019, the Minnesota Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the voter rights case arising out of the city of Bloomington’s organized collection of trash. 

The legal issues presented in Jennissen v Bloomington are procedurally distinguishable from the issue presented in our referendum lawsuit, Clark, et al v, City of St. Paul, et al, Ramsey County File 62-CV-19-587.

In Jennissen, one of the issues on appeal is whether the citizens of Bloomington are entitled to amend their city charter to preclude their city council from implementing organized trash, unless the voters approve it on a ballot vote.  The charter amendment at issue in Jennissen would also repeal the Bloomington ordinance that implemented organized trash.

In our case, we have a referendum that suspends the city ordinance 18-39 and puts it to a vote that will take place on November 5, 2019.  Our attorney, Greg Joseph, represents the citizen petitioners in Jennissen.  A video of the one hour oral argument is now available.

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