About Us

We are an all-volunteer group of St. Paul residents who recently collected more than 6000 signatures in support of a referendum petition seeking the citizens’ right to a ballot vote on the City’s new trash plan. We are not affiliated with any business or political party.

Due to the City’s refusal to honor the “legally sufficient” Petition for a referendum vote on its new trash plan,  we were forced to sue the City of St. Paul in order to secure our legal right to a ballot vote.  This is the matter of Clark, et al. v the City of St. Paul, et al., Ramsey County Court File # 62-CV-19-857.

Our lawsuit to put the City’s trash plan Ordinance 18-39 on the November 5, 2019, citywide election ballot, required that we register as a Political Action Committee (PAC). Our committee includes many of the same St. Paul friends and neighbors who helped to gather the thousands of signatures that were submitted in support of the referendum. 

Our PAC  raised the funds needed to pursue the lawsuit against the City. Our lawsuit vindicated our right to a ballot vote on the City’s trash ordinance.  The City was found to have wrongfully denied our citizens the right to put its new trash plan to a popular vote.

The ultimate purpose was to return our residents to a lower cost trash collection system; support the rights of low, zero wasters, neighbors, multifamily, townhomes, and condos to share or opt-out of unnecessary trash services; and eliminate the unused plastic carts clogging our alleys and garages.

More recently, the City has put together a Garbage Advisory Board to review the current trash program and suggest ways to improve it.  Information about the residents who have been appointed to serve on that committee, the issues under discussion, and the timeline of meetings which are open to the public through in person or virtual attendance can be found on the City’s  Garbage Advisory Committee website page.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.