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St. Paul City Ordinances

Ordinance 19-34 (Repeals 18-40)

Ordinance 19-24

Ordinance 19-23

Ordinance 19-18 Penalty Power

Ordinance 18-40

Ordinance 18-39 (Creates City Code Chapter 220 –new city trash plan.  Subject of referendum.)

Minnesota State Statutes:

Minn. Stat. 410.12

The November 14, 2017, trash contract.

John Genereux Analysis

Lawsuit to Enforce St. Paul Citizens’ Right to Vote on City Trash Plan

2019_01_09 Atty Joseph letter to City

City Council Resolutions:

Resolution 18-1760

Resolution 18-1922

Resolution 18-1962

Ramsey County Election Memo October 8, 2018

November 14, 2018 Agenda

KSTP News, September 3, 2018

WCCO News August 22, 2018

September 15, 2018 Ruben Rosario St Paul Pioneer Press

May 21, 2018 Fox 9 News

Referendum Petitions

These petition forms pertain to the city ordinances 18-39 and 18-40.  They are provided solely for historic purposes. We are not currently collecting signatures for either of these Petitions.

Penalty Power Charter Amendment

To find information regarding the City Council’s attempt to amend our City Charter to grant the council broad penalty power, see: Penalty Power Petition

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